Best Practices

Best Practices

We’re Evolving Our Product’s North Star Metric. Here’s Why.

A brief history of Amplitude's north star metric and the changes we've made to continue its evolution.

Justin Bauer

Best Practices

Making the Leap to Embedded Product Analytics

How do the worlds of traditional, siloed analytics and embedded product analytics differ? Amplitude's Rachel Herrera reflects on what she's learned on...

Rachel Herrera

Best Practices

Measuring to Control vs. Measuring to Learn and Improve

Teams that are worried about measurement dysfunction will have a hard time establishing the safety necessary to learn, and learn about how they learn.

John Cutler

Best Practices

A Tale of Two Data Teams

A closer look at two ways that companies handle data governance—and why the optimal solution lies somewhere in the middle.

Dana Levine

Best Practices

Product Teams Need More Than Traditional Analytics

Product analytics and traditional analytics are not interchangeable—especially for product companies. Ruben Ugarte, Founder of Practico Analytics, len...

Tai Rattigan

Best Practices

8 Analytics Podcasts for Understanding Users and Mastering Data

Grab your headphones and tune into these podcasts to learn everything running more robust data analyses to creating stunning data visualizations.

Archana Madhavan

Best Practices

5 Steps to Become More Comfortable Using Data

Let’s Admit it: Becoming data-driven is hard.

Kate Adams

Best Practices

How Product Marketers Can Use Data to Drive Up Adoption

Grow your product with better adoption. Benjamin Brandall, Head of Marketing at Chameleon, explains how to use data to improve onboarding and retentio...

Benjamin Brandall

Best Practices

10 Tips for Instrumenting Amplitude

Ten instrumentation experts offer advice on integrating Amplitude into your product's workflow.